How To Face Tough Times?

Life is like an ocean. The waves may be very calm one day and the next day there may be a storm. Life is not like a mountain that remains steady forever. Right from our childhood we find the times changing. Sometimes everything looks going perfectly. Otherwise everything goes wrong. Why and what to do about this?

Some of us call this our fate. They accept that whatever happens is destined. Such people may be very calm. Some of those who believe in fate are also very inactive. They accept whatever comes their way without making any effort to fight the situation. Certainly one can believe in fate. But that should not stop us to act positively? How to act in tough times?

  1. List out all your assets. Some of us think that they are left with nothing when tough times come. But that is not true. You may be facing the toughest time, but you are alive. That is an asset. If you are healthy, that is another asset. If your family is supporting you, that is one more asset. You have friends? Add them as your assets. Write down everything you have as an asset. This kind of list gives us positive inspiration. We feel that all is not lost. That is very important. To come out of the hopelessness is the first major step we should take during tough times.
  2. Make a list of all the problems that you are facing. Divide that list in small problems and big problems. Look at the list again and find out which problems may be ignored for the time. Find out the problems that must be tackled. Begin with small problems from that list. As you solve one after another problem, you will see your confidence growing. Tough times test us our attitude. We must fight them out.

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